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Transport Plus - fleet management, transport and logistics management system

Gold medal for Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software with GOLD medal for innovative solution from the annual Technical Fair Plovdiv 2007. The software system is used by companies managing their own fleets of automobiles, trucks, vans, as well as machines.

The transport fleet management software ensures effective management of activities in companies for express services, distribution, retail, mobile field services, autotransport and mechanization. Companies achieve optimization of overall transportation costs and streamline operations related to vehicle exploitation and maintenance. Transport Plus is GPS-ready to ensure real-time tracking, facilitate dispatcher control and monitor trips.

Advantages Testimonials

The fleet management system Transport Plus allowed us to support high levels of technical development, to better control our processes, fuel cosuptions and maintenance cost, optimising of the delivery times and cut on operational expenses.

Bella Bulgaria
The Transport Plus product was successfully implemented and is now working in Bella Food Industry's Transport Department. The system improves the process of vehicles, destinations and freights planning in the Auto Park of the company and raises the efficiency of transportation. The implementation of the Logistics module optimizes the round o'clock cycle of usage of the vehicles for delivering the requested orders of our clients.

Fleet Management Software Demonstration

New Interface Module

Transport Plus - New Interface Module

Transport Plus - Mobile version

A mobile version of Transport Plus is being implemented. The mobile version supports the main Transport plus reports. The mobile version works on all types of mobile devices - iPhone and Android based.

Integration with WebEye GPS System

We have integrated Transport Plus with the WebEye fleet management system.

Integration with iTrack GPS System

A successful interface for importing traffic data and vehicle tracking from the iTrack GPS tracking system has been implemented.

HTTPS access

Transport Plus Cloud Edition offers HTTPS access. This provides reliable protection for user data. Access to the cloud service is available at https://cloud.transport-plus.com/.

Sending a system report via e-mail

A new functionality have been added to the Transport plus system. Each user can receive daily, via e-mail his favourite system report. The system report is received as an attachment in PDF or MS Excel format.

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